How it Works

Define your CyLens policies and let CyLens translate your policies into corresponding enforcement policies. When the enforcement policies are deployed, future misconfigurations are prevented.

how it works

Define Policies

Define your CyLens Policies in Yaml format using the builtin CyLens Policy Editor or use one of the CyLens Policy Sets. For each resource supported by CyLens, all APIs are available. The policies can be easily installed from a Git with any CI/CD tool.

how it works

Enforce Policies

To prevent future misconfigurations, the enforcement policies generated by CyLens should be implemented. The user is responsible for applying the enforcement policies to ensure that manual workflows can be adhered to. CyLens can store the generated policies in a supported storage location, e.g. Git.

how it works

Reduce Incidents

If the enforcement policies generated by CyLens are enforced in the corresponding environments, these misconfigurations can no longer occur. The enforcement policies prevent misconfigurations when creating or modifying resources. Since CyLens does not perform the enforcement itself, there is a dependency on the policy system of the environments when enforcing policies.

Integrate the tools you already use

CyLens comes with integrations for all standard DevOps, monitoring and Git tools. In addition, the enforcement policies are stored in Terrafrom format or as a ready to deploy shellscript.

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Improvements you can expect from CyLens

CyLens improves the visibility and traceability of policies. In addition, the policies for enforcing configurations are generated by CyLens.


More Time for IT-Staff


Reduced Incidents


Policy Visibility

Reduce your incidents

Generate Enforcement Policies

Visibility over your Policies

Improve your security


Save 20% On Annual Subscription

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For small companies that want to manage policies in one environment.

  • CyLens Base Package
  • 1 Environment
  • 10 Agents
  • Write Custom Policies
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For companies that need to manage policies in multiple environments.

  • Everything from Startup
  • 2 Environments
  • 50 Agents
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Enterprise - On Premises

Best policy management in multiple environments, including all features.

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  • Rest API for automation
  • Single Sign On
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